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NeuroML SBML May2010

Dates: 17-18 May 2010

Location: EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK

People will be able to attend the meeting remotely via an EVO session. An instruction page is available at the SBML Hackathon live feed


  • Robert Cannon
  • Sharon Crook (remotely)
  • Padraig Gleeson
  • Michael Hucka
  • Nicolas Le Novère
  • Michele Mattioni
  • Maria Schilstra (remotely)

Some points to discuss from Padraig Gleeson

  • Give people an update on the draft NeuroML version 2 examples as updated following the NeuroML meeting in Arizona in March.
  • Get feedback from SBML people on overall style of new version, specification methods (Schema or UML), libNeuroML (C++ & Swig or Java...)
  • To discuss with SBML people the process towards a more formalised specification of v2 (e.g. drafts of individual parts (morphologies, channels) sent to the NeuroML mailing list, feedback, a wider draft specification to the comp neuro community, feedback including demo impls, appointing editors, production of new specification).
  • Technical discussion on SBML support (hooks/pointers to model elements in SBML from NeuroML models; how this can be reused for model elements in CellML/NineML).

Background materials

NeuroML, NineML, SBML

Draft examples of models in NeuroML V2:

A simple cell
An ion channel
A full NeuroML file incl cell, channel and network

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