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SBML Level 3 Package Activity Status Page

Please note: This page is for the proposal of this SBML Level 3 package.
Information on this page is likely to be out of date with current developments.
Current development is focused on the specification of this package.
Specification activity is described on a separate page.

Package objectives

Sometimes modelers find it useful to provide not a single scalar value for a variable, but a range of values according to some statistical distribution. There is currently no standard way to communicate such distributions in SBML. A package for distribution and ranges should allow for both continuous and discrete distributions.

The short label for this package is distrib.

Package specifications

A separate page is dedicated to the specification development activities involving this package.

Package proposals

The SBML Development Process for SBML Level 3 defines two stages: a proposal stage, and a specification development stage. The following is a list of the active proposals for Distributions and Ranges in SBML Level 3:

Proposal name or identification Date Comments
Updated draft proposal, put together by Stuart Moodie 2012-08-06 (3)
Draft proposal based on previous work - particularly Hinxton Workshop 2012-06-01 (3)
Hinxton proposal Started on 2011-20-06 (1), (2), (3)
Status update on proposal by D. J. Wilkinson et al. 2010-05-04 (1), (2), (3)
Proposal by C. Gillespie et al. 2005-07-05 (1), (2), (3)

Legend for editorial comments:
(1) Proposal has not yet been structured according to the recommended format for SBML Level 3 package proposals.
(2) Proposal needs to be updated for SBML Level 3.
(3) Work in progress—the authors have not finalized this proposal.

Package Working Group (PWG)

After a vote by the SBML community to accept the above proposal as something that addresses a valid need and takes a reasonable approach, we formed a working group to help complete the proposal and resolve any implementation issues that might arise. Membership of this group is open to all interested members of the SBML community; all you need to do is sign up for the sbml-distrib mailing list.

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