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Additional discussion about the Hierarchical Model Composition package

As the package is being developed and implemented, certain topics have come up for which we are soliciting community input. The following pages serve as a place to discuss these topics, and as a reference for future implementers of the specification:

Combining Glycolysis: An example comp model that takes three related models and combines them.

Recipe to Cake: Because the comp package is rule-based (a 'recipe'), you must follow those rules in your own software to create an object model where each object corresponds to a single SBML element (the 'cake'). How do you do that?

Flattening and other packages: The easiest way to transfer a hierarchical model to software that doesn't know about this package is to 'flatten' it to no longer use 'comp' constructs. How can this be accomplished? What are the complications that arise when flattening a model with information from a different package?

Adding Ports: Suppose you had an existing Level 3 model, and wanted to add ports to it. How could this be done?

Proposal for 'Replaced By': If you want a submodel element to be the 'canonical' form, but you want to attach things to it in the containing model, is there a way we can allow this without literally copying and pasting the model?

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