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Level 3 Package Proposal Voting Results: comp

The call for votes for the 'comp' package was issued on May 19 and closed on June 3, 2011. A total of 33 votes were cast. One individual was not listed on the sbml-discuss mailing list, leaving 32 valid votes.

The outcome of this vote is accept. The following graph presents the results of the vote.

The following are the comments made by people who voted. The votes in particular are indicated in parentheses before the comments.

  • (Voted 'accept') I believe the approach used is in general reasonable. As far as we are talking about combining *existing* models, themselves valid and able to be analysed, into a unique model (i.e allowing to generate ODEs covering the entire result) ... When it comes to combine several models that are meant to stay uncompled for simulation and analysis, SED-ML should-be used. But more importantly, this is not the right approach to develop models in a modular way. The proper way has been used for half a century in engineering, computing science etc. And this is the CellML way.
  • (Voted 'accept') We really should have hierarchical namespaces!

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