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Version 5

This is a start at a page for listing possible changes to be included in an SBML Level 2 Version 5. The changes would include fixing all the known errata from Version 4, plus additional issues described here.

ID# Description Page(s) and line number(s) Date added
2090717 RDF:ID. This has been delayed for a long time. I remember discussing it for the release of L2V4, when it was decided to be delayed to L3V1 core. Then it was forgotten. When ressucitated, the issue was put on the shoulders of the annotation package. We do not know when this package will be published. Meanwhile, the annotation is kind of broken because we cannot: put evidence codes on annotation, associate publications to annotation, describe how a modification change a species. e.g. describe a phosphorylation. ApB and ABp, where A and B are two proteins being phosphorylated, will carry exactly the same annotation. Section 6 01 February '12

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