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XML Schemas for SBML

The master copies of the XML Schemas for SBML are maintained in the SBML SVN repository. For convenience, they are also made available directly from this page.

Note that XML Schemas are only provided for SBML Level 2. Limitations in the XML Schema language prevent it from fully representing SBML Level 3. We are currently working on RELAX NG and Schematron schemas for SBML Level 3, and they will be made available when ready.

For XML Schemas for SBML Level 2, please click on the links below to download the desired files. (Caution: in some browsers, notably Apple's Safari, you need to right-click the link and choose the equivalent of "download file".)

These files are distributed for free but without any warrantee whatsoever, express or implied. For licensing terms, please see the file LICENSE.txt.

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