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Getting started with EVO for SBML workshops and meetings


To connect the different people and sites together for SBML workshops, in 2010 we started using EVO, a free, cross-platform video-conferencing system. This page provides some important instructions for getting started with using EVO for SBML meetings.

Please refer to the EVO documentation for more information about using EVO in general.

Preparing to use EVO to connect to the sessions

Before you can connect to an EVO meeting, you must obtain an EVO account. Do not wait until the day of the session because EVO registrations can take a day or more to establish. To register for an account, simply use the Register button on the front page of the EVO website. Accounts are free.
Click on "Start EVO 2.0" to download Koala.
Click on "Start EVO 2.0" to download Koala.

Once you have an EVO account, use the Start EVO button on the EVO website as shown in the image at right. This will download a Java webstart applet to your computer. Run this applet and it will download the EVO application (called Koala).

If you have never used EVO before, you may want to experiment with it first (before the meeting), in order to familiarize yourself with the controls and options, and experiment with your particular camera and audio devices. The EVO site has a useful EVO FAQ as well as a full user manual.

The meeting information page for a given SBML meeting will provide information about the actual session schedule and password (if any)

Joining the COMBINE EVO community

Beginning in 2011, we have obtained an EVO community called COMBINE. To make it easier to find SBML-specific meetings, we book the meetings in the COMBINE meeting. You may want to register yourself with the COMBINE community.

To do that, use the search facility in the EVO Koala interface to search the community list for "COMBINE". Follow the instructions given in the EVO documentation for using communities to subscribe to the COMBINE community.

Playing EVO recorded sessions

When possible, we record EVO sessions so that anyone can play them back later.
Download the EVO player.
Download the EVO player.
However, some aspects of how we do this for SBML meetings are not obvious, so here follows an explanation.

Start by downloading the EVOPlayer application from the EVO website ( EVOPlayer is a Java webstart application.

Next, download the archive for whatever EVO session you're interested in from the SBML meeting page. We upload our session recordings as a zip archive because the default EVO format splits recordings into multiple small files. So, after downloading a recording, unzip the file. The archive file will unzip into a directory containing EVO data files. One of the files in this directory will have the extension .evo.

Now, start your copy of the EVOPlayer application. It will present you with a simple interface with a menubar. One of the menus is File. Use the Open option in the File menu to open the .evo file inside the directory created by unzip'ing the SBML session recording, and then you can use the EVOPlayer controls to play the recording.

For more information about EVOPlayer, please consult their documentation page.

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