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Posters represented at the 2010 Hackathon

The following posters were presented at the 2010 Hackathon.

Presenter Poster title Project
Steve Andrews Smoldyn: a simulator for cellular systems biology Smoldyn
James Bassingthwaighte Gary Raymond et al: Modeling transport and metabolism in cardiovascular and respiratory systems JSim
Michael Blinov System Biology Pathway Exchange - Bridging Pathway Data and Quantitative Models SyBiL
Deepak Chandran TinkerCell TinkerCell
Ron Henkel Enabling Ranked Retrieval of Computational Biological Models dIEM oSiRiS
Curtis Madsen New Efficient Analysis Methods for Genetic Circuits in iBioSim iBioSim
David Nickerson An interface for interacting with a multiscale renal nephron model CellML
Tao Peng A Generative Model for Protein Subcellular Location Patterns Subcellular Generative Models
Jim Schaff SBML Level 3 Spatial Extension proposal Virtual Cell
Aabid Shariff Generative Model of microtubules Subcellular Generative Models
Si Yuan Shen Supporting the RenderExtension with an output to PGF/TikZ SBMLRender2TikZ
Neil Swainston SBML Browse: SBML browsing made easy Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology
Maciej Swat From Genes to Tissues - Multi-Scale Modeling Using CompuCell3D CompuCell3D

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