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Shirt Order Form

In time for the 2010 hackathon, you can place your order for brand-new SBML T-shirts!

The approximate design is shown at right. For t-shirts, the SBML logo design will appear on the front as shown here; for the Polo/jersey knit shirts, the logo will be placed on the back. The logo will be the same size in all cases. The available choices of shirt styles, colors and sizes are shown below.

Please use this page to place your order. We will collect payment at the time of delivery of the shirts at the hackathon.

The prices of the shirts are based on the costs to us of the shirts themselves plus cost of design work and printing; the SBML project does not make a profit from any of these sales.

Available shirt types and colors

The t-shirts are made of 100% cotton; the jersey knit shirt is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. The colors here are our best-faith efforts to provide semblances of what to expect, but please keep in mind they are only approximations to the actual shirt colors. For size information, see our separate page.

Men's T-Shirt
$10 each
Women's T-Shirt
$10 each
Unisex Jersey Knit Shirt
$13 each
Ice gray

Sport gray

Ash gray
Indigo blue

Iris blue

Light blue

Your shirt order

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