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Suggested activities

Here you will find additional materials for the 2010 Hackathon.


Suggested activities for the Hackathon

Whether you are coming to the hackathon with goals in mind already, or whether you are exploring SBML and/or the many initiatives, the following list of possible activities may be helpful to keep you productive (and in some cases, to help the SBML and communities at the same time!). These are only suggested activities, meant to serve as starting points if you are unsure where to start; you are of course free to do other things!

The "competitions" mentioned in this table are described in a separate section below.

Category Activity alternatives
1 Learning more about SBML Level 3 • Read the SBML intro, then the SBML Level 3 Version 1 specification
• Find attendees with interesting software & talk to them about SBML
2 Testing existing SBML support • Use the online validator to test & debug your SBML output
• Develop additional test cases for the SBML Test Suite.
3 Upgrading existing SBML support • Attend libSBML 5 introduction, then install libSBML and start hacking!
• Attend the jSBML introduction, then get involved in hacking on jSBML
4 Implementing new SBML support • If libSBML is the answer, download libSBML & start hacking!
• If SBMLToolbox is the answer, download SBMLToolbox & start hacking!
• Else, let's talk about alternatives
5 Enhancing SBML interoperability • Get together with someone and exchange models between your software
• Work on one of the competition topics (see below)
6 Learning about services • Attend the Services training session
• Attend the community development session
• Work on one of the competitions tasks (see below)
7 Learning about SED-ML • Attend the┬áSED-ML update talk
• Implement SED-ML support in your software
8 Gaining experience in model annotation • Attend the Services training session
• Annotate models using, e.g., semanticSBML or SAINT
• Help Ron and Dagmar in tagging models in BioModels Database

Competition rules

Following the success of this idea at last year's hackathon, this year we are once again going to hold small competitions with prizes for the winners. The prizes will be (1) a Canary Wireless Hotspotter, (2) a $20 gift certificate to Amazon, and (3) an SBML t-shirt. There are three competitions (and three prizes). The competitions are scored independently; individuals may participate in more than one, but their scores in each competition are kept separate and are not added up.

The competition will close at 14:00 (2 PM) on Monday, in order that we can have enough time to tally the results and announce winners at the dinner on Monday night.

The following are preliminary descriptions of the activities; detailed rules will be provided in time for the hackathon. facilities bashing

The objective of this competition is to look for problems in the various facilities (both BioModels Database and the other services). Scoring will be based on the number and type of suggestions, bug reports, and other useful comments provided by people.

Improving jSBML

The jSBML library is currently in development. This competition will focus on developing new features for jSBML. Scoring will be based on the number and quality of the feature implementations.

Best Poster Competition

To recognize the effort put into preparing and presenting posters, we will have a competition for the best poster at the Hackathon. The posters will be ranked by everyone via electronic voting.

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