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The 2010 Hackathon Travel Info

This page contains travel information from the meeting's original announcement page.



As noted above, we anticipate being able to arrange and pay for local accommodations for 5 nights for attendees from academic and nonprofit institutions. We will be housing people at one or both of the following hotels (most likely the first, but possibly also the second if we have a lot of people):

Watertown Hotel
4242 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
University Inn
4140 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105


Ground transportation options include taxi, shuttle, light rail and bus. The following page includes detailed information, airport maps, and photos showing your route to to taxis, trains and buses, as well as site views of the two hotels.

Ground Transportation Information

Electrical supply

If you are traveling from outside of the USA, be sure to bring an appropriate power plug converter for your laptop and all other electrical devices you're bringing. Electric current in the USA is 60 Hz, 120 V. The plug types are the types "A" and "B" described at this website.

You may be able to find an appropriate converter once you get to Seattle, but it's best not to count on it, and to bring your own before you leave your home country.

Internet networking

Both hotels have wireless networking available. We do not yet know whether they have wired ethernet ports in the rooms; often hotels do, but we do not have specific confirmation at this time about either the Watertown or University Inn.

Wireless and wired network access will be available in the meeting rooms, which are located on the campus of the University of Washington. Everyone will be provided with a group wireless account name and password when you get to the venue.


Travelers will probably want to bring an umbrella. With an average of 37 inches of rain a year, Seattle has a justified reputation for wet weather. However, the precipitation generally falls as a misty drizzle rather than in hard rain, and the average for May 1-4 is only .07 inches (1.78 mm) per day. Temperatures are moderate, with an early May average high of 62°F (17°C) and low of 45°F (7°C). The hilly terrain does create convergence zones, which can result in exciting and rapid changes in weather, and many locals adopt layering as a clothing strategy to deal with these changes. For the period of the Hackathon, sunrise will be about 4:45 am and sunset about 7:20 pm.

The widget on the right shows the current weather in Seattle.

For a longer range forecast with more detail, you may want to visit the Weather Underground's site for zip code 98195.

Other activities to be found in Seattle

Here are some sources of information for activities happening in the area, if people want to look for a break and some fun in the evenings:

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