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Attendees and projects at the 2009 SBML Hackathon

Image:Updated.gif The following is the final list of attendees.

Name Institution Project(s)
Frank Bergmann University of Washington, USA SBW
Vijayalakshmi Chelliah EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Andreas Dräger University of Tübingen, Germany SBML2LATEX
Lukas Endler EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Christoph Flamm University of Vienna, Austria SBML ODE Solver
Akira Funahashi Keio University, Japan CellDesigner
Ralph Gauges University of Heidelberg, Germany COPASI
Martin Golebiewski EML Research gGmbH, Germany SABIO-RK
Stefan Hoops Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, USA COPASI
Michael Hucka California Institute of Technology, USA SBML,
Akiya Jouraku Keio University, Japan CellDesigner
Sarah Keating California Institute of Technology, USA SBML
Christian Knüpfer University of Jena, Germany TEDDY
Falko Krause Humboldt University, Germany semanticSBML
Nicolas Le Novère EMBL-EBI, UK SBML, BioModels Database, MIRIAM, SBO,
Chen Li EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Wolfram Liebermeister Humboldt University, Germany semanticSBML
Allyson Lister CISBAN, Newcastle University, UK SAINT, MFO, OBI
Catherine Lloyd University of Auckland, New Zealand CellML
Ion Moraru UCHC, USA VCell
Chris Myers University of Utah, USA iBioSim
Anika Oellrich EMBL-EBI, UK StochSim
Brett Olivier VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands PySCeS
Nicolas Rodriguez EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Sven Sahle University of Heidelberg, Germany COPASI
Herbert Sauro University of Washington, USA SBW
Lucian Smith University of Washington, USA Antimony
Jacky Snoep Stellenbosch University, South Africa JWS Online
Neil Swainston University of Manchester, UK libAnnotationSBML, MCISB
Alice Villeger University of Manchester, UK Arcadia
Darren Wilkinson Newcastle University, UK CaliBayes
Judith Wodke Humboldt University, Germany

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