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The 7th SBML Hackathon Travel Info

This page contains travel information from the meeting's original announcement page.

Arundel House Hotel
Arundel House Hotel



Accommodations will be arranged in the Arundel House Hotel in nearby Cambridge. The accommodations will be complimentary for attendees from academic/non-commercial organizations. (Please contact the organizers if you are affiliated with a commercial group.)

Breakfast is included as part of the accommodations on the mornings of March 26–28 inclusive. Lunches and coffee/tea/soda breaks will also be provided on the meeting days at the EBI.


Transportation to and from the airports will be arranged for everyone by the meeting organizers. The registration page purposefully requests your arrival and departure details, so that the organizers can schedule your pick up and drop off.

Transportation to and from the Arundel hotel in Cambridge will be arranged by the organizers for the meeting days. We anticipate arranging mini-buses leaving for Hinxton at around 8:00, and then returning in the evenings between 18:00 and 19:00.

For transportation in and around Hinxton on occasions when you want to go out but no group outing is prepared, the following options are available:

  • Hinxton and Ickleton are within walking distance. As mentioned below, they each have a pub. The Google map above includes their locations; you can use the Google directions facility to map a walking route.
  • The EBI and Wellcome Trust operate private shuttle buses that leave regularly for nearby areas.
  • Taxis are also available.

If you are driving your own car, or wish to find out directions to the campus for other reasons, please visit the EBI's directions to the campus page.

Other notes

The following information may be useful to first-time travelers to the EBI and the surrounding region.

Around the campus

The EBI's campus information page provides detailed information about the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus.

There are two villages close (walking distance) to the EBI: Hinxton and Ickleton. When we say "villages", we mean it—these are very small places. They each have a pub serving quite decent food and drink, but unfortunately, that's all you will find in these two villages.

It should be noted that the Genome Campus has been designated as a non-smoking environment. Smoking is not permitted within any buildings on the campus. Smoking outside is only permitted in certain designated areas on the Campus.

Electrical supply

The standard UK electrical current is 50 Hz, 240 volts. The standard UK wall outlets and plugs have the appearance shown in the image on the right. You may need adapters to connect some equipment to the standard UK power outlets. Participants should equip themselves with the needed adapters. Please note that you will not be able to buy adapters on the campus nor in the neighboring villages! Please get anything you need before you arrive on campus. More information about international power standards is available elsewhere.

Internet networking

The EBI is covered by a wireless network that reaches pretty much everywhere on campus, so make sure to bring a wireless card if you need one. In some rooms, wired ethernet jacks are also available. (For example, in the IT training room where most Hackathon activities will take place, there is an Ethernet plug on every desk.)


In the Cambridge, region, the weather in late March tends toward cool and often overcast. Rain often comes in short but heavy bursts. Average daytime temperatures range in the 10–15 degree Celsius, while at night, temperatures sometimes dip below freezing. Please bring suitable outdoor clothing and shoes. On the bright side, this time of year is the beginning of spring, so you may see flowers blossoming and some bouts of warm sunshine.

The widget on the right shows the current weather in Cambridge.

For a longer range forecast with more detail, you may want to visit the BBC weather page for Cambridge, UK.

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