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2009 Forum Travel Info

This page contains travel information from the meeting's original announcement page.


Travel, Accommodations, and Transportation

As mentioned above, the SBML Forum is being held as a workshop at the International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2009), at Stanford University. A detailed travel information page is available on the ICSB 2009 website; please refer to that page for information about airports, transportation, accommodations, and other useful information.

We regret that we have no travel support available for this meeting, and hope that potential attendees can extend their ICSB 2009 stay in order to attend the SBML Forum.

Other notes

A warning about distances

Looking at maps and seeing shops and restaurants located near Stanford's campus, you may think that they're all a quick walk away. For people used to European distances or tight urban areas, beware: this is California, and distances may be farther than they appear.


The weather in the Stanford during August and September is usually very warm, with temperatures ranging from 75 °F – 100 ° (24 – 38 C). There is sometimes a chance of light rain, so make sure to bring a small umbrella and some light clothes for wet weather.

Restaurants & pubs

There are cafes and snack at various places on campus, but they generally close at 6pm. For dinner, you are better off going slightly north of Stanford's campus to downtown Palo Alto, where, off of University Ave., you will find dozens of restaurants and bars. A more selective and somewhat wider-ranging guide to area restaurants is the one from the Stanford business school, which usefully categorizes choices by types of foods. There is also an upscale shopping mall right on campus, and it features a number of cafes and restaurants.

Keep in mind that Stanford is a prestigious institution, so while there are many outstanding restaurants around Stanford, the prices are sometimes on the higher end of the spectrum. On the other hand, there are plenty of student hang-outs, so it's certainly not impossible to find fun and reasonably priced eateries.

Electrical supply

If you are traveling from outside of the USA, be sure to bring an appropriate power plug converter for your laptop and all other electrical devices you're bringing. Electric current in the USA is 60 Hz, 120 V. The plug types are depicted below. You may be able to find an appropriate converter once you get to Stanford, but it's best not to count on it, and to bring your own before you leave your home country.

Type A Plug
Type B Plug

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