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9th Workshop on Software Platforms for Systems Biology

Heidelberg, Germany

October 15–15, 2004

Supported by:


Following the tradition of past SBML Forum meetings, this will be a working meeting of the SBML community aimed at enhancing research communication and software interoperability through SBML. Potential attendees are cautioned not to expect any tutorials about SBML itself, and are referred to the documents at and the sbml-discuss mailing list for questions of a more basic nature about SBML. All presentations and discussions at this meeting will focus on detailed technical matters concerning SBML, its use, development and evolution, and related software and standards.


We regret to announce that we must close registration for the Forum, since we have reached the capacity of our room. If you would like to be placed on a standby list, please contact Linda Taddeo (ltaddeo at, and we will let you know if any openings occur.

For those who have already registered

We anticipate being able to provide travel support for delegates from academic institutions. Please let us know BY OCTOBER 1 if you require assistance.

There will be a block of time available during the meeting for people to give short presentations (5-10 minutes) to the audience on the following topics: SBML-enabled applications, the use of SBML to integrate different applications, proposals for SBML extensions, proposals for standards that complement SBML, announcements of software or standards or events of interest to SBML users, and general experiences of using SBML "in the field." If you would like to make such a presentation, please supply us with a title, presenter(s)'s name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and 75-word summary of the content.

Location and Accommodations

The Forum will be held at:

NH Heidelberg
Bergheimer Str. 91
69115 Heidelberg
+49 / (0)6221 / 1327-0 phone
+49 / (0)6221 / 1327-100 fax
Single room from € 91.00 (incl. VAT) per person, per night, includes breakfast.

For accommodations, we suggest you contact the NH Heidelberg or one of the other hotels listed on the ICSB website. Below is a map showing the relative location of ICSB, the NH Heidelberg, and the Crowne Plaza Hotel (one of the closer hotels mentioned on the ICSB site.)


The nearest major airport is Frankfurt (FRA). Transport to and from Frankfurt airport includes the following options:

Airport Shuttle Service TLS - Brings you to any hotel or address you wish. You need an individual reservation. The cost, one-way, is 29 €. 06221-770077 phone 06221-770070 fax book online at

Transfer by Lufthansa Airport Bus 0180-5838426, one way 19 €, both ways 35 €. Departure from Frankfurt: Terminal 1, arrival area, exit B3 every hour. Going back to the airport, it picks up passengers at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Heidelberg.

Transfer by Train From Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg, change trains in Mannheim (with ICE or other trains, approximately 1 hour)

Other Notes

If you are traveling from outside of Germany be sure and bring an appropriate power plug converter for your laptop -- or any other electrical devices you're bringing. The plugs and receptacles you will encounter in Germany are shown below. Electrical current in Germany is 50 Hz, 230 V.

image:plug_c.gif image:plug_f.gif
Type C Plug Type F Plug
Type C plugs can also be used with E and F and some L receptacles. This type of plug is very common in most "universal" adaptor sets. (Though the diagram shows a circular plug, quite often Type C plugs have a rectangular form factor, as in the photo above.) Type F receptacles will also accept Type C and E plugs. This is formally known as a "Schukostecker" plug, commonly abbreviated as "Schuko."


Linda Taddeo

California Institute of Technology
Control & Dynamical Systems
MC 107-81
Pasadena, California 91125

ltaddeo @
1-626-395-3381 phone
1-626-796-8914 fax

Michael Hucka

California Institute of Technology
Control & Dynamical Systems
MC 107-81
Pasadena, California 91125

1-626-395-6911 phone

Andrew Finney

University of Hertfordshire

44-1453-549548 phone

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