Test Results: Morpheus 2.1

These test results were generated using Morpheus 2.1.
Results were submitted by Morpheus on Friday, January 18, 2019.
Results were generated for the following SBML Level+Version: Highest.
Morpheus 2.1 supports the following package(s): comp.
Morpheus 2.1 does not support the following tag(s): AlgebraicRule, CSymbolAvogadro, CSymbolRateOf, EventPriority, FastReaction, fbc.

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Tests of SBML Core

Tests of the Hierarchical Modelling Package


The maps above shows the results of comparing each uploaded data file to the expected data for that test case. Each result is represented by a colored icon: green to indicate success, red to indicate test failure, yellow to indicate the application does not support some aspect(s) of that test, blue to indicate a result not included because the application does not support some aspect(s) of that test, gray to indicate a result is not included for unspecified reasons, and black to indicate a non-numeric problem with the result, such as missing data. You can hover your mouse over an icon to find out its test case number. To get more information about a specific case, click on the icon—the information will be presented in a new window.

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