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Online SBML Test Suite

The SBML Test Suite allows you to evaluate the degree and correctness of SBML support implemented in SBML-compatible software. It supports SBML up through Level 3 Version 1 Core. This page is the front end to the online version of the Suite; it allows you to upload test results and have them evaluated by our server.

If you would like to see the publicly-released results of applying the test suite to existing software, please visit the SBML Test Suite Database.

The Online SBML Test Suite has not been updated in some time, and will be retired on September 1, 2016. The rest of the SBML Test Suite, including the test cases, the online database, and the standalone SBML Test Runner, will continue to be maintained.

How to use the Online SBML Test Suite

There are three steps to using the online SBML Test Suite interface:

  1. Select and download test cases. You can download all cases or select a subset using the interface provided on our online test case selection page.
  2. Run simulations of the models in the software package you are testing, and collect the results. How you run the cases is up to you and the software you are testing.
  3. Upload the simulation results. This online service will compare them to the expected results and provide you with a report of the outcome.

Limitations: (1) This online service works only with the semantic portion of the SBML Test Suite. (2) The system currently does not support SBML Level 3 packages. (3) Only HTTP is supported as the protocol for uploading results; other protocols such as https://, ftp://, etc. are not supported.

Please visit the main page of the SBML Test Suite for more information and other resources about the Test Suite.

Acknowledgments and credits

This Online SBML Test Suite server-based software was written by Michael Hucka and Kimberly Begley. The test cases were¬†developed by Sarah M. Keating, Lucian Smith, Frank Bergmann and Michael Hucka. Many people contributed feedback and additional results; we particularly thank Frank Bergmann, Ralph Gauges, Chris Myers, Akira Funahashi, Andreas Dräger, Rolland Keller, Ilya Kiselev and Fedor Kolpakov for their feedback.

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