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To search this site, use the search box in the upper right region under the site banner. Here is an image of what it should look like on your screen:

After typing in some text to search for, press the return key on your keyboard. The results of the search will appear on the screen.

Some limitations about this search system are worth noting here:

  • Forum/mailing list messages are not searched. The forum interface has its own search system
  • Only the article content is searched—the page title is ignored.
  • Even if you enclose a phrase in quotes, the search looks for each word individually. E.g., if you enter "world war 2" as the search string (including the quotes) it will return pages that contain "world" and "war" and "2".
  • The article content is searched in its raw (wikitext) form; i.e., the system searches the text that appears in the edit box when you click 'edit', not the rendered page. This means that content coming from an included template will not be picked up, but the target of piped links will be.
  • The search is not case-sensitive, so "MediaWiki", "mediawiki" and "MEDIAWIKI" all give the same result.

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