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The format of the specification

In order for the collection of SBML Level 3 specifications to form a better-integrated whole despite being written by different people at different times, the SBML Development Process places a few requirements on the format of specification documents.

  1. Specification documents must use the official document template for SBML Level 3 package specifications.
  2. The specification must include UML 1.0 class diagrams describing all data structures defined by the package. (The specification may also use other means to describe the structures, in addition to using UML 1.0.) Data structure definitions must use American English spelling, not British Spelling, except for names of units in the SI system.
  3. If the package extends components of SBML Level 3 Core, the specification must make clear what the extensions are.
  4. The specification must follow the SBML Level 3 package numbering and declaration scheme.

To make it easier for authors accustomed to American or British spelling conventions, the body text of a specification may use either spelling convention, depending on the preferences of the authors. However, if a specification is written using British spelling conventions, software authors nevertheless may choose to use the American spelling variants when incorporating text from the specification (e.g., of validation rules) in their software and in messages presented to users by their software.

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