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LibSBML Development Roadmap

Last updated 2018-1-18.

This page provides a roadmap for libSBML development goals. The LibSBML Team attempts to update this page regularly as new plans are made and existing goals are achieved. This page focuses on high-level descriptions of plans; we also maintain finer-grained lists of tasks in a Pivotal Tracker project page. The previous roadmap page is available here.

Development goals for libSBML releases

Currently, libSBML-5 is the main target of development. The following table summarizes the additions and differences in features being planned for upcoming libSBML releases.

Version libSBML 5.16.0 libSBML 5.17.0 libSBML 5.x.y
Description This is the latest release. This version of libSBML adds support for qual and groups to the matlab interface. This is the next planned release. It will include render in the stable release and a new version of the distrib code to match the latest proposal.
Full release status 5.16.0 released on 07 December 2017 Expected 01 March 2018
Experimental release status

Status of SBML Level 3 package modules

Full details of the status of all SBML Level 3 packages are available from the Level 3 Packages Specifications page. Here we detail the status of libSBML support for packages and anticipated future development.

Accepted packages

Code for accepted SBML packages is complete with full validation available. Code for these packages is included in all libSBML releases.

Package Specification Development
comp L3V1V1r3
fbc L3V1V2r1 Version 2 support released in libsbml-5.11.6-experimental
groups L3V1V1r1 Version 1 support released in stable libsbml-5.13.0
layout L3V1V1r1
qual L3V1V1r1
multi L3V1V1r1 Version 1 support released in stable libsbml-5.15.0

Packages under development

Code for packages under development is released when a package reaches a level of stability to encourage implementation. Implementation of reading/writing/creating and manipulating the features of the package is included. Validation is minimal and usually only applies to checking that mandatory attributes are present.

Package Proposal SVN Status Proposed development LibSBML Release
arrays Latest Reflects latest proposal 5.16.0
distrib Latest Currently under revision
dyn Latest Reflects latest proposal 5.16.0
render Latest Reflects latest proposal 5.16.0
req Latest Reflects latest proposal 5.16.0
spatial Latest Reflects latest proposal 5.16.0

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