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SBML Software Matrix

Project title

SBML Software Matrix

Project goal(s)

We know from past feedback that people come to looking for software tools that support SBML. The current undifferentiated list of software on the front page of is not sufficiently helpful. Instead, we should have a table that not only lists software but also provides info such as what capabilities the software provides. Ideally this table would borrow ideas from, allowing users to compare different software side by side. Eventually it should be tied into the online facilities of the SBML Test Suite.

The sketch at the right illustrates some of the basic features being envisioned for this matrix. The initial table can be simple, with just a small number of columns, and later we can work on expanding the feature columns with people's help.

To gather the necessary data, we will eventually want to put in place a form-based input system, in which the developers of tools can provide the necessary information themselves. For the first pass, however, we'll need to start the table manually.

Project leader

(No one yet.)

Project tasks

Last updated 2008-01-02. This is a first draft list by mhucka.

  1. Create the wiki page for the software matrix and add intro text
  2. Design: how to get vertical text? (Ben Kovitz previously implemented code to do this—go find it and see what it involves.)
  3. Implement vertical text for column headers
  4. Fill in table with information about tools we are deeply familiar with (e.g., MathSBML)
  5. Fill in table with only names of tools from front page of old
  6. Use our IEE article from 2004 to fill in columns for tools mentioned in the article
  7. Get someone to research remaining tools and fill in missing info. (Some tools will be defunct, and a note should be made to that effect in the table.)
  8. Discuss w SBML Team and SBML Editors what other columns should be provided
  9. Implement forms submission system allowing software developers to provide info themselves

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