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SBMLToolbox Release procedure

This page lists the steps in our current SBMLToolbox release procedure.

Step 1: Update software on SourceForge

  1. Tag the release in SVN
  2. Create new release number on
  3. Create zip file for dist
    1. run the CreateSRCRelease.m script
    2. change the resulting directory name to reflect the release number
    3. archive the resulting directory
  4. Upload dist to
  5. Add a tracker group for the new SBMLToolbox release number

Step 2: Update SBMLToolbox API documentation on

  1. rsync a copy of the new docs to
  2. ssh
  3. cd to the Special/Software/SBMLToolbox directory of the web directory
  4. /bin/rm -rf docs-old
  5. mv docs docs-old
  6. mv /tmp/docs docs

Step 3: Update the SBMLToolbox web pages

  1. rsync a copy of NEWS.txt to the Special/Software/SBMLToolbox directory
  2. edit the wiki page to change the version number and release date
  3. Check that the table-of-contents links on the page point to the right places

Step 4: Announce

  1. Post to sbml-discuss and sbml-interoperability about the new release.
  2. Post to Google+
  3. Tweet under the sbmlnews account

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