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Architectural revisions 2009

LibSBML-4 was released on August 26th 2009. This contains the changes and new features detailed below. Support for SBML L3 will be provided in the libSBML 4.x series as a number of stages, with reading/writing of the L3 core Release Candidate specification being the priority.

Topic & Page Link Description
Roadmap List of changes and additions currently being considered to the libSBML API
Constructors Detailed description of new object constructors being added to libSBML
InternalConsistencyChecks Detailed description of libSBML's InternalConsistencyChecks facility
Change set/add function API Detailed description of new API for set/add function within libSBML intended to prevent creation of invalid SBML
libSBML release procedure Summary of the release procedure followed when doing a libSBML public release
libSBML release numbering Summary of the scheme for numbering libSBML releases

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