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History of recent architectural changes

Previous releases of libSBML have introduced modifications and new features. The tables below show the major features that were introduced with the relevant libSBML release version.


Feature libSBML Version
L2V4 support 3.3.0
Improvements to consistency checking 3.3.0
Further changes to constructors 3.4.0


Feature libSBML Version
Changes to constructors 4.0
Changed API for setXYZ() methods 4.0
Verifying required attributes & elements 4.0
Changes to setLevelAndVersion() 4.0
Changes to copying & cloning 4.0
Changes to SBase 4.0
Using libtool 4.0
Further changes to constructors 3.4.0/4.0
Validation of objects/attributes 4.0


Feature libSBML Version
Modularization 5.0

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