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SBML Test Suite

Version 3.1.1, released 6 March 2014 (see box at right →)
Latest test case archive released 22 October 2014.

The SBML Test Suite is a conformance testing system. It allows developers and users to test the degree and correctness of the SBML support provided in a software package. The test files are platform-independent and can be used on any OS.

The main authors are Sarah M. Keating, Frank Bergmann, Lucian Smith, Michael Hucka, and Kimberly Begley.

Components and facilities

The current SBML Test Suite consists of the following components:

  • A collection of SBML models, together with expected simulation outputs, that can be used to test interpretation of SBML model semantics. The set of test cases can be downloaded as a complete archive, or a subset of selected tests can be obtained using the online portion of the Test Suite.
  • Tthe SBML Test Runner, a standalone application that can be used to run an application against the collection of simulation test cases and report successes and failures.
  • An online facility for evaluating the results of running the simulation test cases (as an alternative to the standalone Test Runner)
  • An online database of test results provided by software authors for their SBML-compatible software packages.

Getting started

The basic approach is the following: you download the SBML Test Runner, configure a wrapper program for the SBML-compatible application you want to test, and run the SBML Test Runner to see the results. A description of the wrapper interface is provided in the SBML Test Runner's built-in help system.

If you do not want to use the SBML Test Runner (perhaps because you have your own testing framework already), then you can download the archive of test cases and arrange to run them in an SBML-compatible program to produce numerical results that are then compared to expected results. The format of the test cases is described on a separate page. You can upload the results to the online facility to have them evaluated and graphed.

The SBML Test Suite Database provides a public database of results for various SBML-compatible software systems. The results have been provided by the developers of those systems.

SBML Test Suite contributors

The SBML Test Suite has been developed and supported for many years and is the result of hard work by many people. We especially thank the following contributors (in alphabetical order): Andrew Finney, Ralph Gauges, Chris Myers, Akira Funahashi, Andreas Dräger, Roland Keller, and Fedor Kolpakov.

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