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LibSBML Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists/forums relevant to libSBML:

  • sbml-interoperability is where people discuss development, use, and interoperability of software that supports SBML. LibSBML questions and other topics are perfectly acceptable here.
  • libsbml-development is for more technical discussions about libSBML, including requests for new facilities and features, questions about the internals of libSBML, and discussions about ongoing development of libSBML.
  • sbml-svn is for notification of changes to the SVN repository. If you are obtaining your libSBML files from SVN, you may wish to subscribe to this list in order to be apprised of changes to the SVN repository as soon as they are committed. This list is hosted by (Note that unfortunately, there is only a single list for all changes to the SBML project, not only libSBML. does not provide any easy facilities for limiting the notifications to a particular subproject in the SBML SVN tree. You may wish to set up your own mail filters to do that.)

An additional related mailing list, not specifically about libSBML but about a related effort, is the jsbml-development list. It is for technical discussions specifically about JSBML (a Java SBML library) and its development.

Please sign up to any or all lists if you are interested!

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