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libSBML Perl Example Programs

The libSBML 5.18.0 distribution comes with the following selection of complete example programs in the top-level file directory named examples/perl.

Simple programs

  • Echos (and in the process, pretty prints) an SBML model.
  • A simple command-line program that reads an SBML file and prints some statistics about it.
  • Prints information about the top-level model in the given SBML file.
  • Prints the supported SBML Levels and Versions for this copy of libSBML.

More advanced programs

  • Adds controlled vocabulary terms to a species in a model.
  • Example demonstrating how to convert SBML documents between SBML Levels.
  • Lengthy example of creating SBML models presented in the SBML specification.
  • Demonstrates how to use the element filter class to search the model for elements with specific attributes .
  • Prints the rule, reaction, and event formulas in a given SBML document.
  • Prints the notes strings for each element in a given model.
  • A command-line program that prints the package plug-ins that are registered with this copy of libSBML.
  • A command-line program that prints information about the units of measurement used in a given SBML file.
  • Program that renames a specific SId and updates all references to it in a given model.
  • Example of creating a RELAX NG (RNG) validator to be called during validation.
  • Program that renames all SIds that also have names specified. The new identifiers will be derived from the name, with all invalid characters removed.
  • Program that changes all objects' "name" attribute values to match their "id" attribute values.
  • Strips the given SBML Level 3 package from the given SBML file.
  • Translates infix formulas into MathML and vice-versa, using the SBML Level 3 parser instead of the old Level 1 parser.
  • Unsets the notes for each element in the given SBML file.

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