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This is the directory page for SBML Level 3 package specification development. Each link below takes you to a separate page focused on a particular SBML Level 3 package.

Package Name Label Description Specification information Page
Arrays arrays Support for expressing arrays of things Arrays

Annotations annot Support for richer annotation syntax than the regular annotations in SBML Level 3 Core Annotations

Hierarchical Model Composition comp A means for defining how a model is composed from other models Hierarchical Model Composition

Distributions distrib Support for encoding models that sample values from statistical distributions Distributions

Dynamic Structures dyn Support for creating and destroying entities during a simulation Dynamic Structures

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Groups groups A means for grouping elements Groups

Layout layout Support for storing the spatial topology of a network diagram; adjunct to the render package Layout

Multistate and Multicomponent Species multi Object structures for representing entity pools with multiple states and composed of multiple components, and reaction rules involving them Multistate and Multicomponent Species

Qualitative Models qual Support for models wherein species do not represent quantity of matter & processes are not reactions per se Qualitative Models

Rendering render Support for defining the graphical symbols and glyphs used in a diagram of the model; adjunct to the layout package Rendering

Required Elements req Support for fine-grained indication of SBML elements that have been changed by the presence of another package Required Elements

Spatial Processes spatial Support for describing processes that involve a spatial component, and describing the geometries involved Spatial Processes

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