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The current stable release of SBML Level 3 Version 1 Core is Release 2.

The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML): Language Specification for Level 3 Version 1 Core (Release 2)

Authors: Michael Hucka, Frank T. Bergmann, Andreas Dräger, Stefan Hoops, Sarah M. Keating, Nicolas Le Novère, Chris J. Myers, Brett G. Olivier, Sven Sahle, James C. Schaff, Lucian P. Smith, Dagmar Waltemath and Darren J. Wilkinson

This is Release 2 of the specification, dated 28 Dec. 2016.

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Issues with the specification are tracked on the issue tracker whose link is indicated above. Accepted issues are periodically collected and listed on the Errata page indicated above. Once a general consensus emerges that the known errata warrant a new release of the SBML specification, a new Release is made.

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