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Claudine Chaouiya obtained her PhD in Computer Sciences in 1992 from Nice Sophia Antipolis university, France. She held a visiting position as assistant professor in Computer Science in Brazil from april 1993 to july 1994. She got an assistant professor position at the University of New Caledonia in september 1994. Her research interest was related to the modelling and validation of 'man-made' systems such as manufacturing systems or communication networks. Years ago, back in France, in Marseille as an assistant professor position at Mediterranean University, she got involved in the logical modelling of gene interaction networks. She has developed methods to qualitatively model and analyse biological networks, focusing on dynamical properties of these complex systems. In july 2008, she joined the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal, where she has set up her own group, working on feasible solutions to handle ever larger regulatory networks. With this intend, specific methods are developed within the logical and the Petri net frameworks. In a close collaboration with biologists, methodological developments are systematically challenged with real case applications, specifying and analysing models for the control of cell proliferation and differentiation.

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