SBML Level 3 Groups (“groups”)

This page summarizes the current development status of the SBML Level 3 Groups Package (known by the label “groups”). If you use this Package in your work, please cite the publication associated with the package in addition to the core Level 3 specification, to give credit to the package developers.

This table is generated automatically from the row for “groups” in the SBML Level 3 Package Status spreadsheet.
Package purpose:A means for grouping elements
Package status:Final specification approved and two independent implementations are available
Latest version:Version 1 Release 1 (01 April 2016)
Specification URL:
Please cite this publication if you use this package →Hucka, M., & Smith, L. P. (2016). SBML Level 3 package: Groups, Version 1 Release 1. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 13(3), 290
Publication DOI:10.1515/jib-2016-290
RELAX NG schema:A final schema is available
LibSBML status:A full (with respect to the specification) implementation is available
JSBML status:A prototype or test implementation is available
Working group mailing list:sbml-groups

About the schemas: for finalized Level 3 Packages, libSBML and JSBML provide built-in validation, and the use of a schema is unnecessary. For not-yet-finalized Packages and applications not using libSBML or JSBML, the basic RELAX NG schemas enable syntactic validation using an RNG schema processor. A separate page provides more information about the use of schemas.

Notes about this specification

The “groups” specfication is considered stable and in use. At the time of this writing (April 2020), there are no active efforts to develop another version.

Notes about third-party application support

2020: The groups package is known to be actively used by models in the BiGG Models database, as well as the following software applications: