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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ASTNode

Removed Methods
boolean isSetUserObject() @return
void setUserObject(Object) @param userObject the userObject to set
void unsetUserObject()  

Added Methods
String formulaToString(ASTNode, FormulaCompiler) Returns the formula from the given ASTNode as an infix mathematical formula produce by the given FormulaCompiler.
boolean isVector() Checks if this ASTNode represents a vector.
ASTNode parseFormula(String, IFormulaParser) Parses a text-string mathematical formula, using the given IFormulaParser and returns a representation as an Abstract Syntax Tree.
void setUnits(Kind) @param unit
void setUnits(UnitDefinition) @param ud
String toFormula(FormulaCompiler) Converts this ASTNode to a text string using a specific FormulaCompiler.

Changed Methods
Object getUserObject(Object) Change in signature from void to Object.
Method was locally defined, but is now inherited from AbstractTreeNode.