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Class org.sbml.jsbml.AbstractTreeNode

Added Methods
boolean addAllChangeListeners(Collection<TreeNodeChangeListener>, boolean)  
void clearUserObjects()  
boolean containsUserObjectKey(Object)  
List<TreeNode> filter(Filter)  
List<TreeNode> filter(Filter, boolean)  
List<TreeNode> filter(Filter, boolean, boolean)  
TreeNode getRoot()  
Object getUserObject(Object)  
boolean isSetUserObjects()  
void putUserObject(Object, Object)  
void removeAllTreeNodeChangeListeners(boolean)  
boolean removeFromParent() This method is designed to be overridden for non-independent child nodes
Object removeUserObject(Object)  
Set<Object> userObjectKeySet()  

Changed Methods
int getNumChildren() Change from deprecated to undeprecated.
Returns the number of child elements of this TreeNode.
void setParent(TreeNode) Change of visibility from protected to public.
@param parent the parent to set

Added Fields