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Interface org.sbml.jsbml.SBMLOutputConverter

Removed Methods
void addIOProgressListener(IOProgressListener) Allows this class to fire events through this event Listener.
int getNumErrors(Object) @return
void removeUnneccessaryElements(Model, Object) Deletes those elements that are not referenced or not needed within the model.
boolean saveChanges(Model, Object) Save the changes in the model.
boolean saveChanges(Reaction, Object) @param reaction
Object writeModel(Model) @param model
boolean writeSBML(Object, String) @param sbmlDocument
boolean writeSBML(Object, String, String, String) @param object

Added Methods
boolean writeSBML(T, String) This method is identical to the method .writeSBML(Object, String, String, String), but without the option to pass the program's name or version to the writer.
boolean writeSBML(T, String, String, String) Writes the given model (in which format it might be given) to an SBML file as specified by the given filename and returns {@code true} if this operation could be successfully executed, {@code false} otherwise.

Changed Methods
List<SBMLException> getWriteWarnings(T) Change in signature from Object to T.
@param model