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Package org.sbml.jsbml.util

Removed Classes and Interfaces
IOProgressListener @author Andreas Dräger
Location @since 0.8

Added Classes and Interfaces
IdManager Manages an id namespace.
ListOfWithName @author Nicolas Rodriguez
ModelBuilder This class provides a collection of convenient methods to create SBML models and documents.
Pair A general implementation of a 2-tuple, i.e., two arbitrary objects.
ProgressListener The listener interface for receiving progress events.
ResourceManager A ResourceManager avoids loading instances of ResourceBundle multiple times by keeping these in a Map data structure.
SBMLtools @author Andreas Dräger
XMLResourceBundleControl This class provides the necessary functionality to load a ResourceBundle from an XML formatted file (for the specification of the document see Properties).

Changed Classes and Interfaces
StringTools This class provides a collection of convenient methods for manipulating Strings.
TreeNodeChangeEvent This event tells an TreeNodeChangeListener which values have been changed in an SBase and also provides the old and the new value.
TreeNodeWithChangeSupport This interface extends the regular recursively defined TreeNode by adding methods to keep track of changes within the tree, such as adding/removing, or exchanging of child nodes or the change of any other attributes.
ValuePair A pair of two values with type parameters.