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Package org.sbml.jsbml

Removed Classes
SBO.Term This is a convenient wrapper class for the corresponding implementation of org.biojava.ontology.Term in BioJava as it provides specialized methods to obtain the information from the SBO OBO file directly and under the same name as the keys are given in that file.
SBO.Triple This is a wrapper class for the corresponding BioJava class org.biojava.ontology.Triple, to allow for simplified access to the properties of a subject-predicate-object triple in this ontology.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractNamedSBase The base class for each SBML element with an optional id and name.
AbstractSBase The base class for each SBase component.

JSBML implementation of SBML's Model construct.

SBMLDocument Represents the 'sbml' root node of a SBML file.
SBMLWriter Provides methods for writing SBML to files, text strings or streams.
SBO Methods for interacting with Systems Biology Ontology (SBO) terms.
SBase The interface to implement for each SBML element.
SpeciesReference Represents the speciesReference XML element of a SBML file.