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Class org.sbml.jsbml.AbstractSBase

Added Methods
void appendAnnotation(String)  
void appendAnnotation(XMLNode)  
boolean checkAndSetPackageNamespaceAndVersion(SBase) Checks whether or not the given SBase has the same package version configuration than this element or the SBMLDocument.
boolean checkAndSetPackageNamespaceAndVersion(SBasePlugin, SBMLDocument) Checks whether or not the given SBasePlugin has the same package configuration than the SBMLDocument.
String getPackageName()  
int getPackageVersion()  
String getURI()  
boolean isSetPackageVErsion()  
void setAnnotation(String)  
void setAnnotation(XMLNode)  
void setPackageVersion(int)  

Changed Methods
void setMetaId(String) Change in exceptions thrown from no exceptions to java.lang.IllegalArgumentException.

Added Fields
String packageName the name of the package which this SBase element belong to, 'core' by default.