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Class org.sbml.jsbml.AbstractSBase

Added Constructors
AbstractSBase(String) Creates an AbstractSBase with the given identifier.
AbstractSBase(String, int, int) Creates an AbstractSBase from an id, level and version.
AbstractSBase(String, String, int, int) Creates an AbstractSBase from an id, name, level and version.

Added Methods
boolean checkAttribute(String) Checks if the attribute conforms to the SBML specifications of the level and version of this object.
SBase getElementByMetaId(String)  
SBase getElementBySId(String)  
String getId()  
String getName()  
boolean isIdMandatory()  
boolean isSetId()  
boolean isSetName()  
void setId(String)  
void setName(String)  
void unsetId()  
void unsetName()  

Changed Methods
String toString() Changed from abstract to non-abstract. Returns a String representing this SBase with all the attributes that are defined.

Added Fields