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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ext.spatial.CSGSetOperator

Added Methods
String getComplementA() Returns the value of complementA
String getComplementB() Returns the value of complementB
boolean isSetComplementA() Returns whether complementA is set
boolean isSetComplementB() Returns whether complementB is set
void removeCSGNode(String)  
void setComplementA(String) Sets the value of complementA
void setComplementB(String) Sets the value of complementB
boolean unsetComplementA() Unsets the variable complementA
boolean unsetComplementB() Unsets the variable complementB

Changed Methods
SetOperation getOperationType() Change in return type from OperationType to SetOperation.
Returns the value of operationType
void setOperationType(SetOperation) Change in signature from OperationType to SetOperation.
Sets the value of operationType