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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ext.spatial.CoordinateComponent

Removed Methods
String getComponentType() Returns the value of componentType
int getCoordinateIndex() Returns the value of coordinateIndex
Boundary getMaximum() Returns the value of maximum
Boundary getMinimum() Returns the value of minimum
boolean isSetComponentType() Returns whether componentType is set
boolean isSetCoordinateIndex() Returns whether coordinateIndex is set
boolean isSetMaximum() Returns whether maximum is set
boolean isSetMinimum() Returns whether minimum is set
void setComponentType(String) Sets the value of componentType
void setCoordinateIndex(int) Sets the value of coordinateIndex
void setMaximum(Boundary) Sets the value of maximum
void setMinimum(Boundary) Sets the value of minimum
boolean unsetComponentType() Unsets the variable componentType
boolean unsetCoordinateIndex() Unsets the variable coordinateIndex
boolean unsetMaximum() Unsets the variable maximum
boolean unsetMinimum() Unsets the variable minimum

Added Methods
Boundary getBoundaryMaximum() Returns the value of boundaryMaximum
Boundary getBoundaryMinimum() Returns the value of boundaryMinimum
CoordinateKind getType() Returns the value of type
boolean isSetBoundaryMaximum() Returns whether boundaryMaximum is set
boolean isSetBoundaryMinimum() Returns whether boundaryMinimum is set
boolean isSetType() Returns whether type is set
void setBoundaryMaximum(Boundary) Sets the value of boundaryMaximum
void setBoundaryMinimum(Boundary) Sets the value of boundaryMinimum
void setType(CoordinateKind) Sets the value of type
boolean unsetBoundaryMaximum() Unsets the variable boundaryMaximum
boolean unsetBoundaryMinimum() Unsets the variable boundaryMinimum
boolean unsetType() Unsets the variable type