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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ext.spatial.Geometry

The superclass changed from org.sbml.jsbml.AbstractSBase to org.sbml.jsbml.ext.spatial.AbstractSpatialNamedSBase.

Added Constructors
Geometry(String, int, int)  

Added Methods
boolean addSampledField(SampledField) Adds a new SampledField to the listOfSampledFields.
MixedGeometry createMixedGeometry()  
MixedGeometry createMixedGeometry(String) Creates a new GeometryDefinition element and adds it to the ListOfGeometryDefinitions list
SampledField createSampledField() Creates a new SampledField element and adds it to the ListOfSampledFields list
SampledField createSampledField(String) Creates a new SampledField element and adds it to the ListOfSampledFields list
ListOf<SampledField> getListOfSampledFields() Returns the listOfSampledFields.
boolean isSetListOfSampledFields() Returns {@code true}, if listOfSampledFields contains at least one element.
void removeAdjacentDomain(String)  
void removeCoordinateComponent(String)  
void removeDomain(String)  
void removeDomainType(String)  
void removeGeometryDefinition(String)  
boolean removeSampledField(SampledField) Removes an element from the listOfSampledFields.
void removeSampledField(int) Removes an element from the listOfSampledFields at the given index.
void removeSampledField(String)  
void setListOfSampledFields(ListOf<SampledField>) Sets the given {@code ListOf}.
boolean unsetListOfSampledFields() Returns {@code true}, if listOfSampledFields contain at least one element, otherwise {@code false}

Changed Methods
GeometryKind getCoordinateSystem() Change in return type from String to GeometryKind.
Returns the value of coordinateSystem
void setCoordinateSystem(GeometryKind) Change in signature from String to GeometryKind.
Sets the value of coordinateSystem