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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ext.spatial.SampledField

Added Constructors
SampledField(int, int) @param level
SampledField(String, int, int) @param id

Removed Methods
String getEncoding() Returns the value of encoding
ImageData getImageData() Returns the value of imageData
String getInterpolationType() Returns the value of interpolationType
boolean isSetEncoding() Returns whether encoding is set
boolean isSetImageData() Returns whether imageData is set
boolean isSetInterpolationType() Returns whether interpolationType is set
void setEncoding(String) Sets the value of encoding
void setImageData(ImageData) Sets the value of imageData
void setInterpolationType(String) Sets the value of interpolationType
boolean unsetEncoding() Unsets the variable encoding
boolean unsetImageData() Unsets the variable imageData
boolean unsetInterpolationType() Unsets the variable interpolationType

Added Methods
CompressionKind getCompression() Returns the value of compression
XMLNode getData() Returns the value of data
String getDataString() Returns the value of data
InterpolationKind getInterpolation() Returns the value of interpolation
boolean isSetCompression() Returns whether compression is set
boolean isSetData() Returns whether data is set
boolean isSetInterpolation() Returns whether interpolation is set
void setCompression(CompressionKind) Sets the value of compression
void setData(String) Sets the value of data
void setData(XMLNode) Sets the value of data
void setInterpolation(InterpolationKind) Sets the value of interpolation
boolean unsetCompression() Unsets the variable compression
boolean unsetData() Unsets the variable data
boolean unsetInterpolation() Unsets the variable interpolation

Changed Methods
DataKind getDataType() Change in return type from String to DataKind.
Returns the value of dataType
void setDataType(DataKind) Change in signature from String to DataKind.
Sets the value of dataType