libSBML documentation

This page provides information on how to install libSBML, how to use the application programming interface (API), and other information.

Installation and configuration

To use libSBML, you must first install the software and configure your environment and application to use it.

Downloading and installing libSBML
Visit this page for more information about how to download and install the binary versions of libSBML for different operating systems.
Building libSBML from sources
If you are unable to find a ready-to-use version of libSBML for your particular operating environment, or you have special requirements for libSBML’s configuration, you can build it from the sources. Visit this page for more information about how to do that.

Using libSBML

LibSBML provides interfaces for a number of programming languages. The following links lead to documentation and example programs.

LibSBML API documentation
Follow this link to find documentation about many of libSBML’s language APIs.
Example programs
Here you can find example programs written in different programming languages supported by libSBML.
Here we provide access to a number of presentations that deal with particular aspects of using libSBML together with same sample coding exercises (with answers). These are adapted versions of tutorials given in the past.

Known issues

We try to inform users of potential interactions and known problems. Please let us know of any we missed by reporting them using the tracker.

Known limitations and pitfalls
This page describes a number of known problems in libSBML and potential interactions with operating environments.
Issue tracker
The bug and issue tracker for libSBML lists pending issues and lets you report new ones.

Additional information for libSBML developers

The following are resources especially relevant to libSBML developers.

Software repository for libSBML
The libSBML code repository is currently on GitHub.
Pivotal Tracker and libSBML
The libSBML team uses Pivotal Tracker to plan and coordinate development. This page provides information about the conventions used by the team.
Development notes and procedures
A number of other pages describe libSBML development and the team’s procedures. Note that these tend to be works in progress and may not be in a polished, finished state.