SBML is formally defined in the specification documents. Additional helpful explanations on selected topics may be found in the Elaborations and Clarifications, and answers to more general questions may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

What is SBML?
It may still not be clear what SBML is. Here is a basic introduction tries to describe and contextualize it in jargon-free way.
SBML Specifications
The SBML specifications define the syntax and semantics of SBML. These documents are the definitive references for SBML.
Elaborations and Clarifications
Some topics merit longer answers than a typical FAQ item. You can find elaborations about selected SBML topics in this section.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to some, well, frequently asked questions about SBML.
SBML Development Process
This details the development process and community organization procedures that are followed by the SBML community.
SBML Publications
This section lists published papers and chapters describing SBML and core SBML-supporting software tools.
SBML Logos
Get your official SBML logos here! Use them on websites, posters, software—anywhere you want to publicize your support of SBML.