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Class org.sbml.jsbml.util.compilers.FormulaCompiler

Added Methods
ASTNodeValue getRateOf(String)  
ASTNodeValue implies(List<ASTNode>)  
ASTNodeValue logicalOperationFunction(String, List<ASTNode>)  
ASTNodeValue max(List<ASTNode>)  
ASTNodeValue min(List<ASTNode>)  
ASTNodeValue quotient(List<ASTNode>)  
ASTNodeValue rem(List<ASTNode>)  

Added Fields
String EXPONENTIALE String used to represent the exponentiale constant
String INVERSE_TRIGONOMETRIC_PREFIX All inverse trigonometric functions may be defined in the infix either using 'arc' as a prefix or simply 'a'

Changed Fields
String FORMULA_ARGUMENT_SEPARATOR Change from static to non-static.
Change from final to non-final.
Change of visibility from public to protected.