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Package org.sbml.jsbml.ext.layout

Removed Classes
BasePoint1 @author Sebastian Fröhlich
BasePoint2 @author Sebastian Fröhlich
End @author Sebastian Fröhlich
LayoutExtentionTest @author Sebastian Fröhlich
LayoutTest @author Andreas Dräger
Position @author Sebastian Fröhlich
Start @author Sebastian Fröhlich
TestL3Layout @author Nicolas Rodriguez
TestSpeciesReferenceGlyphCurve @version $Rev: 1639 $

Changed Classes
BoundingBox The BoundingBox class specifies the required elements position and dimension.
CubicBezier In order to be able to represent smooth curves the Layout package defines the class CubicBezier.
CurveSegment Parent class to LineSegment and CubicBezier.
GeneralGlyph The GeneralGlyph is used to facilitate the representation of elements other than Compartment, Species and Reaction and thus can be used for the display of relationships of Rule or elements defined by other SBML packages.
Layout The Layout class stores layout information for some or all elements of the Model as well as additional objects that need not be connected to the Model.
LayoutConstants Contains some constants related to the layout package.
LayoutModelPlugin The Layout package extends the Model class with the addition of one child element: the listOfLayouts.
LineSegment The LineSegment class consists of the mandatory attribute xsi:type and two child elements of type Point.
Point The representation of a point in the "layout" package.
ReactionGlyph Analogous to how a Reaction object has to at least have one reactant or product, the ReactionGlyph has to at least have one SpeciesReferenceGlyph stored in the ListOfSpeciesReferenceGlyphs.
TextGlyph The TextGlyph class describes the position and dimension of text labels.