libSBML Python API  5.18.0
libsbml.SBMLExtensionException Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Exception used by package extensions

This class of objects is defined by libSBML only and has no direct equivalent in terms of SBML components. This class is not prescribed by the SBML specifications, although it is used to implement features defined in SBML.

Certain situations can result in an exception being thrown by libSBML package extensions. A prominent example involves the constructor for SBMLNamespaces (and its subclasses), which will throw SBMLExtensionException if the arguments it is given refer to an unknown SBML Level 3 package. The situation can arise for legitimate SBML files if the necessary package extension has not been registered with a given copy of libSBML.
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, errmsg)
 Creates a new SBMLExtensionException object with a given message. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def libsbml.SBMLExtensionException.__init__ (   self,

Creates a new SBMLExtensionException object with a given message.

__init__(string errmsg)   SBMLExtensionException
errmsga string, the text of the error message to store with this exception.