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Class org.sbml.jsbml.ASTNode

Added Constructors
ASTNode(ASTNode2) Create a new node of type ASTNode from the given ASTNode2

Added Methods
String astNodeToTree(ASTNode, String, String) Returns a simple tree view of the ASTNode internal, including mainly node type and hierarchy.
ASTNode piecewise(MathContainer, ASTNode[]) @param parentSBMLObject a link to the container in which this ASTNode will be inserted.
void setParentSBMLObject(MathContainer) Sets the Parent of the node to the given value
ASTNode2 toASTNode2() Return the ASTNode2 corresponding to the current ASTNode
String toSimpleString() Returns a simple String representing the content of the ASTNode.

Removed Fields
String INVALID_OPERATOR_MSG Message to indicate that an ASTNode.Type type has been chosen which cannot be used as an operator.

Added Fields
String IMPLEMENTATION_ASTNODE2 The String representing the facade implementation for the new ASTNode2 implementation.
String IMPLEMENTATION_HISTORIC The String representing the first implementation of the ASTNode, since 0.8.
String IMPLEMENTATION_VERSION The String representing the actual implementation of this class, values can be .IMPLEMENTATION_HISTORIC or .IMPLEMENTATION_ASTNODE2.