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Package org.sbml.jsbml

Added Interfaces
CompartmentalizedSBase @author Andreas Dräger

Changed Classes and Interfaces
ASTNode A node in the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) representation of a mathematical expression.
AbstractSBase The base class for each SBase component.
AbstractTreeNode A basic implementation of the TreeNode interface.
Annotation An Annotation represents the annotations of an SBase element.
Assignment An Assignment can be seen as a mathematical equation with a Variable on the left hand side and an equation on the right hand side that assigns a value to the Variable.
CVTerm Contains all the MIRIAM URIs for a MIRIAM qualifier in the annotation element of a SBML component.
Event Represents the event XML element of a SBML file.
FunctionDefinition Represents the functionDefinition XML element of a SBML file.
LevelVersionError An SBMLError that indicates that associated instances of SBase cannot be combined within the same model due to their differently set Level or Version attribute.
ListOf This list implementation is a Java List that extends AbstractSBase.
Reaction Represents the reaction XML element of a SBML file.
SBMLDocument Represents the 'sbml' root node of a SBML file.
SBMLErrorLog Log of errors and other events encountered during SBML processing.
SBMLReader Provides methods for reading SBML from files, text strings or streams.
SBase The interface to implement for each SBML element.
Species Represents the species XML element of a SBML file.
SpeciesReference Represents the speciesReference XML element of a SBML file.
UnitDefinition Represents the unitDefinition XML element of a SBML file.