libSBML Python API  5.18.0
libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Registry of all libSBML SBML DefinitionURLs.

This class of objects is defined by libSBML only and has no direct equivalent in terms of SBML components. It is a class used in the implementation of extra functionality provided by libSBML.

LibSBML provides facilities for transforming and converting SBML documents in various ways. These transformations can involve essentially anything that can be written algorithmically; examples include converting the units of measurement in a model, or converting from one Level+Version combination of SBML to another. DefinitionURLs are implemented as objects derived from the class DefinitionURL.

The DefinitionURL registry, implemented as a singleton object of class DefinitionURLRegistry, maintains a list of known DefinitionURLs and provides methods for discovering them. Callers can use the method DefinitionURLRegistry.getNumDefinitionURLs() to find out how many DefinitionURLs are registered, then use DefinitionURLRegistry.getDefinitionURLByIndex() to iterate over each one; alternatively, callers can use DefinitionURLRegistry.getDefinitionURLFor() to search for a DefinitionURL having specific properties.

Public Member Functions

def addDefinitionURL (url, type)
 Adds the given DefinitionURL to the registry of SBML DefinitionURLs. More...
def addSBMLDefinitions ()
def clearDefinitions ()
def getCoreDefinitionsAdded ()
def getDefinitionUrlByIndex (index)
def getInstance ()
 Returns the singleton instance for the DefinitionURL registry. More...
def getNumDefinitionURLs ()
 Returns the number of DefinitionURLs known by the registry. More...
def getType (url)

Member Function Documentation

def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.addDefinitionURL (   url,

Adds the given DefinitionURL to the registry of SBML DefinitionURLs.

addDefinitionURL(string url, int type)   int
urlthe DefinitionURL to add to the registry.
typethe AST node type
integer value indicating success/failure of the function. The possible values returned by this function are:
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.addSBMLDefinitions ( )
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.clearDefinitions ( )
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.getCoreDefinitionsAdded ( )
getCoreDefinitionsAdded()   bool
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.getDefinitionUrlByIndex (   index)
getDefinitionUrlByIndex(int index)   string
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.getInstance ( )

Returns the singleton instance for the DefinitionURL registry.

getInstance()   DefinitionURLRegistry

Prior to using the registry, callers have to obtain a copy of the registry. This static method provides the means for doing that.

the singleton for the DefinitionURL registry.
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.getNumDefinitionURLs ( )

Returns the number of DefinitionURLs known by the registry.

getNumDefinitionURLs()   int
the number of registered DefinitionURLs.
See also
def libsbml.DefinitionURLRegistry.getType (   url)
getType(string url)   int